Need help with your debt?​

Let Allan Marshall & Associates help you:

They took the stress out of the situation and made sure I was in complete understanding of the steps needed to get back on track. I walked in very stressed but I walked out with a sense of ease I haven’t felt in a long while!

Rob W., Moncton Client

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    Need help with your debt ?

    Let Allan Marshall & Associates help you:

    They took the stress out of the situation and made sure I was in complete understanding of the steps needed to get back on track. I walked in very stressed but I walked out with a sense of ease I haven’t felt in a long while!

    Rob W., Moncton Client

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      Book a risk-free 30-minute call with one of our experts to discuss your needs.

      After clicking the button, we will contact you to confirm a date and time for your consultation.

      Debt Solutions

      Let us help you find YOUR debt solution. Find out more about your options:

      Bankruptcy is a legal process, designed for the honest unfortunate debtor. It is designed to assist an individual out of debt so that they may have a fresh financial start. When you file for or declare personal bankruptcy, you are voluntarily entering into a legal process that provides you with immediate protection against any further action by your creditors.

      A Consumer Proposal is a formal offer to creditors to settle outstanding debts. If you are having difficulties making your monthly payments, falling behind or getting over-whelmed by your debts; you are not alone. Just like you, thousands of individuals throughout the Maritimes have sought the protection and help of a consumer proposal.

      Credit counselling is the best way to provide education on proper money management. This includes budgeting, proper use of credit and debit , and also repayment of debt. We can help you develop a monthly budget and assist you with following your budget to reduce your debt. 

      Allan Marshall & Associates

      Allan Marshall & Associates Inc. is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee firm with locations throughout the Maritime provinces. Licensed by the Federal Government of Canada to administer bankruptcies, consumer proposals, receivership’s and other insolvency services. 

      The caring team at Allan Marshall & Associates have the knowledge and experience to assess your situation and offer the best advice for your particular need, whether you are a first time bankrupt or simply struggling to make ends meet.

      Who We Are

      At Allan Marshall & Associates, we surround ourselves with experienced, caring and dedicated Trustees and Administrators who are there to listen to you.  We will assess your situation and inform you of all possible solutions for your financial needs.

      How We Help

      We understand debt, and what causes it. There are numerous reasons why Canadians find themselves researching insolvency and ways to deal their financial problems.

      A Licensed Insolvency Trustee is different from a bankruptcy lawyer as they are specially licensed to oversee bankruptcies. They can help you through these problems to make sure it is done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

      Locations in the Maritimes

      We have locations throughout the Maritimes.  Find an office near you.

      Talk to a Trustee

      We take your questions very seriously. If you have a question about your debt, please contact us. We Can Help™

      Will I lose my house?

      If you have a house or vehicle secured by financing or mortgage you can keep them as long as the loan is current and remains up to date. Each situation is different, and your home will be discussed with you at a consultation. If your property has any equity, you should discuss this with your trustee.

      If I declare bankruptcy does my spouse have to?

      No, your spouse can decide how they need to proceed based on their own finances. Sometimes it makes sense for couples to file together and other times it makes sense for only one partner to file a proposal or bankruptcy.


      Read more about how to resolve your financial issues and how our Insolvency Trustee’s can help.

      what it means to be insolvent

      What Does It Mean to Be Insolvent?

      Whether you are Insolvent or not, does not depend on whether you haven’t missed any payments. It’s a legal definition out of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. The same Canadian law that gives Licensed Insolvency Trustees, and ONLY Licensed Insolvency Trustees, the know-how and means to give you the best advice on how to deal with your financial situation. Don’t accept any substitutes!


      • Pasty W. Avatar
        Pasty W.
        11/24/2021 - Google

        This should be everyone's first choice in dealing with debt problems but more importantly, the solutions.
        The most important thing that...
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        Stephen A. Avatar
        Stephen A.
        11/24/2021 - Google

        This should be everyone's first choice in dealing with debt problems but more importantly, the solutions.
        The most important thing that...
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        J H. Avatar
        J H.
        11/24/2021 - Google

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        Suzanne K.
        11/04/2021 - Google

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        11/03/2021 - Google

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        Brianne B.
        10/26/2021 - Google

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      • L.N.

        Krista was so informative and made everything much easier for me to understand.

        Leslie L. Avatar
        Leslie L.
        9/17/2021 - Google

        Mary Ann was a pleasure to deal with and very honest. Didn’t push bankruptcy and in fact encourager my to... read more

        Ashley P. Avatar
        Ashley P.
        9/15/2021 - Google

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        Black T.
        8/26/2021 - Google

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        My call with Olivia was amazing. She...
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        Jay C.
        8/24/2021 - Google

        Excellent to deal with. Walked through everything with ease. Thanks again for getting me back on track!


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        Wayne B. Avatar
        Wayne B.
        8/16/2021 - Google

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      • Mike A. Avatar
        Mike A.
        8/13/2021 - Google

        They were very easy to deal with and showed compassion to my situation,highly recommended.

        Renee H. Avatar
        Renee H.
        8/12/2021 - Google

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        Jeannine C.
        8/10/2021 - Google

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        Jason C.
        7/31/2021 - Google

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        Mark R.
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        Amy H.
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        Gail J.
        7/07/2021 - Google

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        Linda K.
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        Doreen W.
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        Jean-Yves D.
        6/04/2021 - Google

        I was nervous about making the call but thanks to Olivia I wish I would have called a long time... read more

        Chelsea Avatar

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        Robyn S.
        5/11/2021 - Google

        I would highly recommend Allan Marshall & Associates. Even just to call and get a consultation, you have nothing to... read more

        C&B Avatar

        Thank you! To the fabulous Alan Marshall Team,

        My husband and I did a Consumer Proposal about 5 years ago.
        Both of...
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        Mary G.
        5/10/2021 - Google

        I called in not knowing quite sure what the response would be. It’s been a hard few years, and it... read more

      Contact Allan Marshall & Associates – We Can Help

      Find an Allan Marshall & Associates Inc. office location near you to book your free, confidential consultation with one of our licensed administrators in person or by phone. We have licensed insolvency / bankruptcy offices all across Eastern Canada to help you with your debt problems.

      Ready for a New Financial Future?

      If you live in the Maritimes, there is an Allan Marshall & Associates office location near you. We’ll meet with you in person or over the phone. Call 1-888-371-8900 to schedule your no-obligation consultation today. We will explain all your options so you can make an informed decision. The information is free.

      We Live Where You Live

      Allan Marshall & Associates, in business since 1979, has 10 offices conveniently located Maritimes offices in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. These offices are part of your community, so you can be assured of getting the personalized service you deserve. 

      We have helped people from Bridgewater, Charlottetown, Dartmouth, Fredericton, Halifax, Moncton, Saint John, Summerside, Truro and Woodstock, as well as the surrounding cities and towns.

      Why Choose Allan Marshall & Associates

      We live where you live. At Allan Marshall & Associates, we are uniquely qualified to understand the local economic environment and help you through your individual situation.

      We understand your immediate concerns. That’s because our Trustees listen to you and assist you in identifying solutions, resolving your debt and keeping you on track for the future.

      You Have Options

      You need options? We present them to you, helping you to resolve your immediate problems and remain debt-free. Whether you require full bankruptcy service, a Consumer Proposal, credit counselling, or something in-between, we’ve got you covered.

      How Do I Get Started?

      Contact us at our toll free number 1-888-371-8900 or feel free to send an email or use the contact form instead. You’ll receive a personal response so that you can set up a free consultation at your convenience. You will meet personally with one of our licensed trustees dedicated to understanding your individual situation. Allan Marshall & Associate Trustees are friendly, yet professional. You can be assured that you’re in good hands. We’ve helped many Atlantic Canadians find relief from debt. We can help you, too.

      It’s an important decision…and we are pleased that you are placing your trust in Allan Marshall & Associates.

      We are open and here to help during this COVID-19 crisis. Call or email us for debt help.