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How to Get Ahead on Bills: Simple Ways to Reduce Bills and Save Money

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how to get ahead on billsGetting ahead on bills is hard for everyone, but is particularly hard once you start to let payments slide. What is a good way to stay on top of bills?

First of all,  make note on the calendar when certain bills are due. This will help remind you that you will need money for payment. Secondly, try to keep expenses down until you have your bill payments put aside.   Reducing monthly expenses is an easy way to generate more money.

  • Saving money on the little things will leave you with more money to cover your monthly bills, get out of debt faster or to spend on more enjoyable things.
  • Reducing monthly expenses does not mean you reduce your quality of life. It simply is being mindful of the little things that can add up and affect your cash flow and budget.

Reducing Expenses

The following tips are some items where everyone can save money. (Broken down into categories – not all apply to everyone).


  • Start with a shopping list
  • Never grocery shop when you are hungry
  • Plan your meals to avoid waste
  • Plan less expensive meals (example: with less meat) a few nights a week
  • Watch for sales on needed items
  • Stock up on non-perishable items when there is a sale
  • Use Coupons when available
  • Avoid buying treats unless they are in your budget
  • Cook and bake from scratch (prepared foods are usually more expensive)
  • Buy in bulk when possible (make tow items at once and freeze the second)


  • Shop for quality items that will last (price does not mean quality)
  • Shop second-hand or consignment stores
  • Plan you shopping around sales and end-of-season clearances

Household Operations and Entertainment

  • Make your own household repairs
  • Make your own cleaning solutions mixing water and vinegar (half and half)
  • Purchase used appliances that come with a warranty
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Monitor your long distance and change plans to meet your needs
  • Turn the lights out behind you.
  • Buy no name brand instead of name brands
  • Conserve water ( Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth, wash full loads of laundry)
  • Borrow from your library ( instead of buying books )
  • Plan to see movies on cheap night


  • When possible walk or ride a bike instead of driving
  • When possible use public transit
  • Car pool with friends
  • Use self-serve gas pumps
  • Monitor your cars oil and tire pressure regularly ( To reduce maintenance costs)
  • Shop for the best value on auto insurance
  • Plan your trips to save gas
  • Fill up your car when the price of gas is down
  • Buy quality used cars

At Work

  • Bring your lunch, don’t eat out
  • bring your snacks – don’t use vending machines
  • Take your own coffee to work
  • Start a lunch buffet/pool (one person brings enough for the others once a week.)