How Do I Get My Credit Back?

If you are suffering the results of bad past decisions, or have recently been discharged from Bankruptcy and are looking to restart your credit history there a few ways to get things moving.  However, it is a slow process which

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Can i afford my degree

Can I Afford My Degree?

Can I afford my degree? Is often a question that goes unanswered by students prior to embarking on a field of study financed through student loans. The common result is the student graduating with a degree or diploma that doesn’t

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rent or buy chair table

Housing – To Buy or Rent?

Housing, do you buy or rent? Sometimes people have the misconception that it is cheaper to purchase a house with a monthly mortgage payment than to rent based on comparing the mortgage payment to monthly rent. However, in actuality this

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Debt Management Options

There are a number of contributing causes of financial stress, some of which are beyond the control of an individual and accordingly are difficult to include in a financial plan. Some of the most common contributing causes of financial stress

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avoid christmas hangover

Top 8 Ways to Avoid the Christmas Hangover

The Christmas Season is once again almost upon us as we see the tell-tale signs of decorations being hung and hear intermittent seasonal music playing when travelling around.   You think to yourself that Christmas seems to be coming quicker every

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student loans in bankruptcy

Student Loans, Student Debt & Bankruptcy

Individuals across the Maritimes contact Allan Marshall & Associates Inc to inquire about student loan debts and often we are asked similar questions. Some of the common questions are answered below. Does bankruptcy help with student loans? Yes, bankruptcy can help

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reduce expenses

Tips to Reduce Expenses

Allan Marshall & Associates Inc would like to help individuals maximize the enjoyment of their money and help individuals find ways to live within their budget. Sometimes the little things are enough to help someone out of financial hardship and

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warning signs of financial problems

Warning Signs of Financial Problems

The following is a list of warning signs of current or future financial problems. If you can relate to any of the following you should take steps to correct the problem before it develops into a serious financial problem. You

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understand your credit report

How to Understand Your Credit Report

In an effort to help consumers Allan Marshall & Associates Inc has put together some information about Credit Bureaus. Many of the questions and answers outlined are asked of our employees on a daily basis. How does the Credit Bureau

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