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who qualifies for bankruptcy

Who Qualifies for Bankruptcy?

Who Qualifies for Bankruptcy? To qualify for bankruptcy you need to reside or carry on business in Canada and have liabilities of at least $1,000 or more above the total amount of your assets and; Be unable to meet their

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How do you file for a consumer proposal?

Contact Allan Marshall & Associates Inc for a free consultation to discuss your options, answer your questions and help formulate a reasonable offer to creditors. Once an offer has been agreed upon, Allan Marshall & Associates Inc will prepare the

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What are the benefits of a consumer proposal?

The benefits of a consumer proposal are considerable and consumer proposals can be drafted to be as unique as an individual’s circumstances. The following list identifies some of the benefits of a consumer proposal: Helps avoid bankruptcy Stops interest on

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What is a Consumer Proposal?

A Consumer proposal is an agreement between an individual and their creditors to do something (usually make a payment) in exchange for the creditors stopping interest, stopping collection action, phone calls, letters and forgiving any unpaid debts. Consumer proposals are

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Learn about Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a legal process, designed for the honest for unfortunate debtor.  It is designed to assist an individual out of debt so that they may have a fresh financial start.   When you file for or declare personal bankruptcy,

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How Is My Spouse Affected by My Bankruptcy?

Technically bankruptcy does not affect your spouse or common-law partner. Your spouse or partner would only be responsible for debts they co-signed, guaranteed or made a joint application for the credit. Your spouse’s assets would not be affected by your

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improving credit after bankruptcy

How Do I Get My Credit Back?

If you are suffering the results of bad past decisions, or have recently been discharged from Bankruptcy and are looking to restart your credit history there a few ways to get things moving.  However, it is a slow process which

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