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Why “Bankruptcy Trustees” No Longer Exist in Canada

Why “Bankruptcy Trustees” No Longer Exist In Canada

It used to be that the individuals authorized to administer bankruptcies in Canada were called “Trustee in bankruptcy” or “bankruptcy trustees.” But this designation was recently changed by the federal government to Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LITs). Why the change? Let’s

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The Power of Your Credit Score

What Is a Good Credit Score in Canada?

Understand the Power of Your Credit Score It seems that we are being bombarded everywhere we turn these days with advertising suggesting that we should know our Credit Score.  But what exactly is a Credit Score?  In Canada, Credit scores

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student loans student

Student Loans in Bankruptcy

Individuals across the Maritimes contact Allan Marshall & Associates Inc to inquire about student loan debts and often we are asked similar questions. Some of the common questions are answered below. Does bankruptcy help with student loans? Yes, bankruptcy can help

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How Do I Get My Credit Back?

If you are suffering the results of bad past decisions, or have recently been discharged from Bankruptcy and are looking to restart your credit history there a few ways to get things moving.  However, it is a slow process which

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Debt Management Options

There are a number of contributing causes of financial stress, some of which are beyond the control of an individual and accordingly are difficult to include in a financial plan. Some of the most common contributing causes of financial stress

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