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student loans in bankruptcy

Student Loans, Student Debt & Bankruptcy

Individuals across the Maritimes contact Allan Marshall & Associates Inc to inquire about student loan debts and often we are asked similar questions. Some of the common questions are answered below. Does bankruptcy help with student loans? Yes, bankruptcy can help

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reduce expenses

How to Save Money: Tips to Reduce Expenses

Allan Marshall & Associates Inc would like to help individuals maximize the enjoyment of their money and help individuals find ways to live within their budget. Sometimes the little things are enough to help someone out of financial hardship and

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bankruptcy myths

Myths About Bankruptcy

Often one of the hardest parts about bankruptcy is dealing with the inaccurate myths about bankruptcy. In an effort to dispel some of the myths we have assembled a list of myths followed by the facts. Although we have covered

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PEI provincial asset exemptions

What Are the PEI Provincial Asset Exemptions?

The following assets are protected or exempt assets in Prince Edward Island. They are protected against the liquidation by creditors to satisfy unpaid debts (unless a creditor holds a purchase money security interest): Prince Edward Island – PEI Provincial Asset

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