Client Debt Stories

The following are stories of ways in which we have helped individuals overcome debt. Client names have been changed, but the stories are real. Debt is a common problem and often, by reading about others situations, we can begin to understand how we can turn it around or learn how to ask for help. 

Everyone’s  situation is unique and all individuals struggling with debt should consult a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to determine their best solution. 

debt and divorce

James' Story - Divorce

Bankruptcy helped James deal with debts incurred after his divorce.

business failure and debt

Scott's Story - Business Failure

A Consumer Proposal helped Scott through business CRA debts

credit card debt

Lisa's Story - Single Parent

Lisa's overspending caused her to go down the hole of credit card debt, but a Consumer Proposal put her on the path to financial recovery.

Money Management

Joe's Story - Money Managment

Better management of his finances and learning how to budget, helped Joe through rough times.

gambling debts

Charles' Story - Gambling Debts

Debt Counselling sessions and filing bankruptcy helped Charles regain control of this finances.