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Money Management

Joe's Client Story about Money Management

Money Management : Joe’s Story

Joe was referred to us by his therapist. He had been struggling with money management for some time. It took him two months to even talk to someone on the phone. To say he was stressed and embarrassed about his mismanagement of his finances was an understatement.

Joe was trying to run his sole-proprietorship business but couldn’t make enough money in his business to pay both his living expense and the debt he had incurred. Like many self-employed business owners, he had relied on his credit to cover his expenses, when business was slow. Joe was NOT a record keeper. He had no accounting system in place and gathered up all his paperwork in a plastic bag at the end of the year and dropped it off to his accountant. To be honest, he really had no idea how he was doing in his business.

Joe was telling his therapist about his situation, who guided him to speak to someone about money management.

Joe reached out to us at Allan Marshall & Associates, and we were able to help him with a program to alleviate part of his debt and find a payment that was manageable.

Throughout the process, he received counselling sessions on money management, and he established a simple system to monitor his income and expenses for his business and also for him personally.

The last time we met, he brought in a folder of his ‘organized’ paperwork and proceeded to show the progress he had made. This is a great achievement and one he should be proud of.

Joe walked out of our office that day feeling accomplished and hopeful. We wish him continued success, both for his personal finances and his business.

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