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Credit Counselling Options

Credit counselling is the best way to provide education on proper money management.  This includes budgeting, proper use of credit and debit , and also repayment of debt.   Allan Marshall & Associates Inc. can help you develop a monthly budget and assist you with following your budget to reduce your debt.

If you or a loved one is having a hard time making ends meet then you are not alone. Please read the information on this site to learn the options to help remedy your financial problems.

We do caution you the information contained in this website is intended as a general summary of options, when dealing with financial problems, and is not intended to replace professional advice.

We encourage you to contact Allan Marshall & Associates Inc for a free consultation to discuss your options. Call toll free 1 (888) 371-8900

What about Credit Counselling companies?

  • Credit counselling companies, even not for profit, are often paid a fee from the companies you owe for collecting the money from you. They may also request you to pay a fee for negotiating repayment terms with your creditors.  Care should be taken by debtors that they allow themselves sufficient income for a reasonable cost of living before committing to any payment schedule from outside credit counselling programs.
  • Before committing to a Credit Counselling program elsewhere you should talk to a professional like Allan Marshall & Associates Inc to discuss all your options. A Consumer Proposal will often take the same amount of time to complete but a Consumer Proposal stops all interest and penalties, even with government debts.
  • It is interesting to note that although a Consumer Proposal is a legal process that forces your creditors to stop collecting it is often less expensive then Credit counselling programs (Even the not for profit).

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