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We are pleased to be able to share our client’s honest feedback about their experience working with Allan Marshall & Associates. Our dedicated team will work with you to find the best tailor made solution to your debt problem. We hope you find these reviews informative and we look forward to working with you.

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4.9 Stars – Based on 74 User Reviews

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5 Stars – Based on User Reviews

  • Tanya T. AvatarTanya T.

    The whole process was so easy and Olivia was a huge help! It was a judgement free process and I would recommend these guys to anyone:) – 1/18/2021 

    Elaine F. AvatarElaine F.

    These people make you feel like you are important. They are all very friendly, supportive, and always there to answer your questions. They made it so easy for me to do my bankruptcy. Special thanks to Francyne for all her help. – 1/18/2021 

    Michael H. AvatarMichael H.

    A lot of misconceptions of bankruptcy. These guys make it so much better to deal with a bad situation. Thanks Matt and Olivia for all your help ! And anyone that helped me through this mess. 10/10 wouldn’t want to do it again . But if I had to I’d do it through this company – 1/15/2021 

    Mac AvatarMac

    Post Bankruptcy Testimonial To Allan Marshall & Associates,

    Today is my first day post bankruptcy and I couldn’t be more excited about my future. I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone for helping me through a difficult time and getting me back on feet. A huge Thank You to Francyne Myers as well, who was my ‘coach’ and who answered all my inquiries and who really made me feel like I was going to be relieved and invigorated at the end.
    And I am !!!
    Please share this message. Thanks – 1/11/2021 

  • Katelyn B. AvatarKatelyn B.

    What an amazing experience with everyone I spoke to. Incredibly professional and non-judgemental way to take control of your life again. They were very clear on my options and what to expect and I was always comfortable reaching out if I had questions.

    I honestly can’t say enough and I really enjoyed working with this company and its employees.

    They help you see the positives in a less than ideal situation. – 1/08/2021 

    Erica B. AvatarErica B.

    Spoke with a representative today and she was amazing! She made making that hard call very easy! – 1/06/2021 

    Randi H. AvatarRandi H.

    Ive been dealing with Olivia and she is wonderful. So easy to talk to and she made me feel so positive and good about what the future is going to bring after everything is done . I highly recommend them if you feel stuck financially and feel theres no way out . – 1/05/2021 

    Gaston D. AvatarGaston D.

    I am very greatful for the help you gave me on my financial problems. I would recomend their services with depth solution. – 1/04/2021 

  • Becka AvatarBecka

    I spoke with Kelly Hebb in the Moncton office. She did a great job explaining all my options, very friendly and easy to talk to. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Defiantly a call worth making. – 12/15/2020 

    Cathy S. AvatarCathy S.

    We were so nervous about making this phone call and not knowing what to do. Olivia put us at ease and helped us understand our options. Very professional, friendly and personalized service.
    If you are having difficulties financially I would strongly recommend Alan Marshall and associates! Thank you Olivia – 12/08/2020 

    Lynn M. AvatarLynn M.

    Olivia made this decision and process a lot easier. She was very responsive to my emails and friendly. Great job Olivia! – 12/03/2020 

    Geny K. AvatarGeny K.

    Olivia is a very knowledgeable and experienced professional whose response and style of work is very appreciated when dealing with financial issues; her welcoming and compassionate demeanour is a rare find. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who needs fair and sound financial advice. – 12/03/2020 

  • Sara R. AvatarSara R.

    I have nothing but praise for everyone I’ve dealt with at Allan Marshall. I separated from my husband over 2 years ago, and nothing was moving forward, I just kept going further and further into debt. I missed rent, and fed my children by going to the food bank. I wish I had just done this sooner, and saved all that stress and money. It’s a huge relief and I really feel like I can start to move on and recover. – 11/26/2020 

    Maria A. AvatarMaria A.

    The call was made and the help that was offered was completely professional and helped diffuse my anxiety over finances.
    Robin did an exceptional job at explaining all of my options very clearly and breaking down each detail.

    If you’re on the fence about making the initial call, don’t wait. They will help and turn it into a positive experience. By the end of your consultation you will feel like a new person. – 11/24/2020 

    Mary N. AvatarMary N.

    It was very nice talking and discussing my concerns with my financial status with Mary Anne. She has been very kind and very helpful. I look forward to speaking with her in the near future. – 11/24/2020 

    Lucy P. AvatarLucy P.

    I have nothing but good things to say about these folks. I had a phone consultation with Kelley and she was very polite and friendly, explained everything clearly and made the whole anxiety-inducing process a lot easier than expected. We came up with a plan that I am confident in moving forward with. – 11/23/2020 

  • adreanna c. Avataradreanna c.

    I remember the first day the bank offered me a credit card, I was 18, I accepted. From there it was a downward spiral. When I finally realized I needed help, I never felt judged here. Everyone was super helpful, from start to finish. Kelley Hebb especially guided me along the way. They provide counselling and knowledge, so you can succeed. – 11/23/2020 

    Esther V. AvatarEsther V.

    Listen up Fredericton, Olivia Harper helped this babe right here start to become a financially responsible person and I am excited! Real time, money confuses me, no one ever taught me about credit, and Olivia spent this morning on the phone explaining so many things and taking the time to make sure I understood, but also really getting to know me and what I wanted. They are so kind, knowledgeable, non-judgemental, helpful, and local, like we talked about sandwiches obvs.
    Olivia thank you for being a real one! 🔥👏🏽❤️ – 11/19/2020 

    Rick B. AvatarRick B.

    If my initial meeting with Allan Marshall & Associates is any indication of what’s to come, then I’m in great hands! Krista K. was extremely professional and treated me with the respect and compassion I needed to deal with this situation. I highly recommend their services to anyone going through this hardship. – 11/18/2020 

    Patty H. AvatarPatty H.

    Krista made me feel instantly comfortable. I was very nervous. She was very kind and down to earth and knowledgeable. So helpful. Thank you sooo much Krista. 😀 – 11/13/2020 

  • Katherine L. AvatarKatherine L.

    I was so nervous to go through this process. I spoke with Robin Floyd and she completely eased my mind. She was so helpful and full of great advice. I left our call feeling like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. – 11/09/2020 

    Vanessa B. AvatarVanessa B.

    We booked an appointment with Krista to go over our options and she was so thorough and answered all of our questions. She was A ONE !!! Feel so relieved after speaking with her – 10/08/2020 

    J.D. AvatarJ.D.

    Email Review Mary Ann at the Bridgewater location is super helpful and knowledgeable. She can make sense of your finances and provide the right questions for your legal team. Highly recommended!! – 10/07/2020 

    E.F AvatarE.F

    Our Sincere Thanks Thank you for thinking of us Kelly. Everything went well and our daughter helped us get connected and assisted with the technical aspects . Mark was very helpful and made us feel comfortable.
    You and Mark certainly made an uncomfortable and difficult situation more bearable.We appreciate the empathy and information we received very much.
    Our sincere thanks – 10/01/2020