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We are pleased to be able to share our client’s honest feedback about their experience working with Allan Marshall & Associates. Our dedicated team will work with you to find the best tailor made solution to your debt problem. We hope you find these reviews informative and we look forward to working with you.

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4.8 Stars – Based on 209 User Reviews

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5 Stars – Based on User Reviews

  • Pasty W.
    11/24/2021 – Google

    This should be everyone’s first choice in dealing with debt problems but more importantly, the solutions.
    The most important thing that I would take away from my experience when I was at my lowest point, was the financial councilling that was available.
    I’m in my 40s and never learned how to budget or maintain good credit and they provided me the satisfaction of knowing that I can now manage my wealth or lack thereof.

    Great experience, I’m very happy now. Debt free, but more importantly, stress free

    Stephen A.
    11/24/2021 – Google

    This should be everyone’s first choice in dealing with debt problems but more importantly, the solutions.
    The most important thing that I would take away from my experience when I was at my lowest point, was the financial councilling that was available.
    I’m in my 40s and never learned how to budget or maintain good credit and they provided me the satisfaction of knowing that I can now manage my wealth or lack thereof.

    Great experience, I’m very happy now. Debt free, but more importantly, stress free

    J H.
    11/24/2021 – Google

    Had the pleasure of talking to Kelley H. Sent a request online for a phone call and within 30 min was on the phone with Kelley. She very calmly went over all my details and guided me through all my options. She quite literally talked me down off a ledge today. 100% recommend this company. Thank you Kelley..you’re truly amazing..great job!


    Email Review Thank you, and please tell Robbie that I very much appreciate all her good work. I am extremely happy to have chosen your firm to help me with the Bankruptcy. You people have been a God sent! Again thanks for all your help.

  • Suzanne K.
    11/04/2021 – Google

    During a difficult time and difficult decision to make, Allan Marshall & Associates made the decision easier. I initially dealt with Kelley Hebb to discuss the process and requirements. Kelley was extremely helpful, informative and I was made very comfortable with her detailed explanations, responsiveness and guidance. I was treated with respect and understanding regarding the situation I now found myself regarding my finances.
    I would highly recommend the Allan Marshall team to assist you if you find your life, especially, financially overwhelming.

    11/03/2021 – Google

    this was very easy and extremely professional! went by smoothly and i couldn’t have asked for better. I had Olivia Harper to help me out and call me for my counseling and trust me she doesn’t bite! she’s really kind and sweet and really listen’s to what you have to say and try’s her best to work around you problems to make you feel more comfortable


    I was working with Mary Ann Marriott and she helped me resolve a debt that was going to haunt me. She assisted me with guidance on how to negotiate with the creditors, which resulted in them taking a settlement for much less than the debt. I am truly grateful for guiding me through this process. Thank you so much!

    Brianne B.
    10/26/2021 – Google

    I am currently working with Tanya and she made me feel like an actual person and was not judgemental when I was to myself for being in my situation. She gave me advice and I feel so much better that I reached out and am taking control of my finances

  • L.N.

    Krista was so informative and made everything much easier for me to understand.

    Leslie L.
    9/17/2021 – Google

    Mary Ann was a pleasure to deal with and very honest. Didn’t push bankruptcy and in fact encourager my to try another route first. Greatly appreciated. Will be my go to place if I need to go that route.

    Ashley P.
    9/15/2021 – Google

    The people at this assosiation care, kike actually care, if you are okay. I called having a panic attack over debt collectors and they helped me calm down. I have meetings and always leave feeling accomplished and not like a failure. So happy with the help provided to me.


    I am very impressed by how much the associates from Allan Marshall in Fredericton care about their clients! I had my first counselling session with Corinna today and she was wonderful to deal with! I came away from our call with a new sense of my abilities to manage my money and have a lot to look forward to. So glad I contacted this firm to help me deal with my finances! Highly recommended! I struggled for so long and it didn’t have to be that way. I look forward to working with them over time and becoming financially stable, successful and independent. Thank you!!!

  • Black T.
    8/26/2021 – Google

    I reached out to Allan and Marshal after them being suggested by my sister.

    My call with Olivia was amazing. She was supportive, understanding, and extremely helpful, and over all: friendly! She made making a tough decision feel like the right one for my situation. Five stars, absolutely incredible!


    Jay C.
    8/24/2021 – Google

    Excellent to deal with. Walked through everything with ease. Thanks again for getting me back on track!


    I am dealing with Kelly from the saint john office…. She is wonderful…i was so scared to be judged and looked down on….she put me at ease the minute we started talking…always keeping me calm in such a stressful situation……..cant thank her enough…..

    Wayne B.
    8/16/2021 – Google

    We had alot of debt build up over the last few years and then Covid had set us back even more. We were paying the interest and the balance was not moving.I was afraid to ask for help because I didnt want to loose my home.

    I called Alan Marshall and Associates and with in the first 5 minutes I was given 3 different options I never knew I had.

    Matt Fadder and Tara Craft changed our lives. We now have a low payment that makes sense in our budget and we get to keep our home, I had no idea this was possible.

    Thx Again Matt and Tara

  • Mike A.
    8/13/2021 – Google

    They were very easy to deal with and showed compassion to my situation,highly recommended.

    Renee H.
    8/12/2021 – Google

    I was so nervous calling into the office for the first time! I wasnt even quite sure what to say. Olivia answered the phone and she took over the conversation and I could breathe again! She is very professional and so kind. It felt like I was talking to a friend. I would recommend Allan Marshal & Associates to anyone having financial trouble.



    From my first phone call to my last session a few days ago the ones who had conversations with me, counselling, answering questions – alllllllllllll were absolutely super~! Not once did I feel the stigma of bankruptcy in this process. I was treated like we were discussing a business transaction which made me feel more at ease and yet as a person who stumbled onto a bit of a hard time and would rise above it.

    Thank you all for the positive attitude and making me feel my little stumble was of no great consequence but a learning adventure. Thanks a million.

    Jeannine C.
    8/10/2021 – Google

    I would like to say Thank You to Kelly who helped me find a great resolution to my financial needs. She was very professional, helpful in explaining all the details with a very positive attitude which put me at ease at my time of need. Can’t say enough about her help. Great work.

  • Jason C.
    7/31/2021 – Google

    Matt Fader and Tara Craft helped turn my worst case scenario into a path back to success. Covid-19 obliterated my business of 34 years. After a terrifying consult with a competing firm, I turned to Matt at Allan Marshall, Dartmouth. My situation was quite unique and complicated but not for them. They made it seem pretty simple in the end. I was mostly impressed by the depth of their knowledge and experience, never misleading my expectations or losing patience with my endless questions. Tara negotiated an incredible deal that keeps me in my house, driving my car and hopefully heading towards a final reopening of my business. I can’t thank you enough!


    Thank you for making me feel comfortable and confident. You are the kindest people to talk to. I am so happy with my decision to call you. Have a great day.

    BNI N.
    7/26/2021 – Google

    Mary Ann Marriott is so helpful to anyone struggling with their finances. She is an expert at not only helping you out of tough situations, but helping to create a plan so you won’t be back in those situations again.


    Wonderful feeling of relief after talking to Krista. Made me feel that I can move forward.Thank you for taking the time to send us a message! Please Indicate the office location or person you were dealing with in your review and note that only first name and/or initials will be used.

  • Lorri S.
    7/15/2021 – Google

    I would like to say a huge thank you to the team of Alan Marshall and associates for all of their excellent help in my difficult situation. Especially Krista, my first contact, she is so easy to talk to, she sets your mind at ease so fast. She explained in plain terms what I needed to do and what my next steps were.i really cannot say enough good things about her.

    My second contact was Rob. Most excellent to talk to, answered everything in ways that you understood what was going on. Very comfortable with him as you would be too. Took his time and that is very important with people who are feeling stressed.

    Third, Olivia, my first couselling session. Very professional, very easy to talk to. Answered all question perfectly, and guided me in a way I did not feel intimidated by anything. She gave a ton of most valuable information and simple solutions to everything.

    I would highly recommend them to anyone going through difficult times. They make the experience less overwhelming. You do see a light at the end of your tunnel.
    Thank you so much for what you are doing to help me.

    Mark R.
    7/13/2021 – Google

    I reach out to them and they where Fantastic, very informative, respectful and friendly with a quick response. Krista was fantastic and is helping me get on the right track financially. Thank you so much for your service. Would recommend to everyone.

    Amy H.
    7/13/2021 – Google

    I’d like to thank Olivia at Allan Marshall & Associates for her professionalism and ability to make a stressful time easy for me as the client. Her attention to detail and easygoing mannerisms made me feel at ease.

    Gail J.
    7/07/2021 – Google

    I dealt with Kelley over the phone on two occasions and she was exceptionally professional, understanding and kind. These matters are typically not comfortable to discuss but Kelley answered all of my questions and didn’t judge.

  • Linda K.
    7/06/2021 – Google

    Facing retirement was very stressful for me not knowing how I would manage financially but Allan Marshall and Associates made the transition very easy. Thanks Olivia for being my sounding board. You are a true professional. Thanks again

    Sarah C.
    6/26/2021 – Google

    After months of apprehension and aniexty, putting off getting in contact with Allen Marshall & Associates, I finally got in contact with Olivia. She was kind, knowledgeable and not once did I feel judged. I highly recommend her and the team at Allan Marshall & Associates if you need someone to discuss your options when it comes to debt.

    Nikki L.
    6/25/2021 – Google

    Kelly was amazing!!! The kindness, understanding were above and beyond. Extremely helpful and full of information. I literally can not say enough good things


    When I called I was so stressed, my mood was horrible, I had so little hope for getting out of my situation and I was convinced I would have to work 2 jobs for the rest of my life to fix my mess. After months of depression and self sabotage I finally decided to do something about it. Speaking with Olivia almost immediately put my fears to rest and gave me a new hope I haven’t had in a long time. She is so kind and relatable, understanding and non judgemental. She is such a wonderful, knowledgeable, competent and compassionate person. I am so glad I took the leap.

  • P.H.

    Olivia, thank you for all your help in this matter. I was quite upset about my financial situation and was beginning to believe this was going to be my way of life till I got the courage to call Alan Marshall’s office and start the road to recovery. You set my mind at ease and removed the stigma of this whole ordeal. I am sleeping better and getting along better with my coworkers. The anger and fear are almost gone and my family has noticed my old self returning. Thank you so much for all your help.

    Doreen W.
    6/09/2021 – Google

    I had a great experience with Kelley on my first call. She was professional, courteous, and friendly. Very patient as well. She sent information online for me to study. I don’t know if I’m going this route but I would recommend Kelley very highly!

    Jean-Yves D.
    6/04/2021 – Google

    I was nervous about making the call but thanks to Olivia I wish I would have called a long time ago. She is a good listenent and never once feel judge. She gave me my options and never once tried tu rush me into making a decision. She is also quick at replying to my emails and answered all my questions. Thanks you Olivia.


    I’ve been dealing with the saint John office and everyone has been so helpful with my questions and concerns in this process. Very happy with how well they handle everything and how informative they are through out the process.

  • C.S.

    To anyone looking to talk to someone about Bankruptcy or Proposal. These are the people to talk to. They guided me stop by stop and I had questions during the process and I was emailed right away. I am VERY HAPPY with the knowledge and understanding I received from their team of professionals. So don’t hesitate to discuss your finance obligations for help and they will give you A1 Service.

    Robyn S.
    5/11/2021 – Google

    I would highly recommend Allan Marshall & Associates. Even just to call and get a consultation, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain. Every person we dealt with there, were professional and helpful with no judgement. Kelley Hebb was our first point of contact and always offers assistance with prompt service. This firm has helped our family get back on track.


    Thank you! To the fabulous Alan Marshall Team,

    My husband and I did a Consumer Proposal about 5 years ago.
    Both of us had been through a divorce and life was just getting ahead of our finances despite our best to keep up.
    With a consultation with Alan Marshall in Fredericton, we felt heard, understood and respected.
    With diligence and paying off our Proposal in 3 years instead of
    We are happy to announce that today we got a mortgage for our dream home.
    Great credit and hard work made our dream come true and we have Alan Marshall & Associates to thank.

    Mary G.
    5/10/2021 – Google

    I called in not knowing quite sure what the response would be. It’s been a hard few years, and it was half embarrassment that kept me from calling. Olivia was magnificent. She calmed my fears immediately. Very calm and professional attitude. Best of all she explained things in a way that I truly understood what she was telling me.

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