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We are pleased to be able to share our client’s honest feedback about their experience working with Allan Marshall & Associates. Our dedicated team will work with you to find the best tailor made solution to your debt problem. We hope you find these reviews informative and we look forward to working with you.

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4.8 Stars – Based on 186 User Reviews

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  • P.H

    Thank you Olivia Thank you Olivia for all your help. I was quite upset about my financial situation and was beginning to believe this was going to be my way of life till I got the courage to call Alan Marshall’s office and start the road to recovery. You set my mind at ease and removed the stigma of this whole ordeal. I am sleeping better and getting along better with my coworkers. The anger and fear are almost gone and my family has noticed my old self returning. Thank you so much for all your help.

    Doreen W.
    6/09/2021 – Google

    I had a great experience with Kelley on my first call. She was professional, courteous, and friendly. Very patient as well. She sent information online for me to study. I don’t know if I’m going this route but I would recommend Kelley very highly!

    Jean-Yves D.
    6/04/2021 – Google

    I was nervous about making the call but thanks to Olivia I wish I would have called a long time ago. She is a good listenent and never once feel judge. She gave me my options and never once tried tu rush me into making a decision. She is also quick at replying to my emails and answered all my questions. Thanks you Olivia.


    I’ve been dealing with the saint John office and everyone has been so helpful with my questions and concerns in this process. Very happy with how well they handle everything and how informative they are through out the process.

  • Robyn S.
    5/11/2021 – Google

    I would highly recommend Allan Marshall & Associates. Even just to call and get a consultation, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain. Every person we dealt with there, were professional and helpful with no judgement. Kelley Hebb was our first point of contact and always offers assistance with prompt service. This firm has helped our family get back on track.


    Thank you! To the fabulous Alan Marshall Team,

    My husband and I did a Consumer Proposal about 5 years ago.
    Both of us had been through a divorce and life was just getting ahead of our finances despite our best to keep up.
    With a consultation with Alan Marshall in Fredericton, we felt heard, understood and respected.
    With diligence and paying off our Proposal in 3 years instead of
    We are happy to announce that today we got a mortgage for our dream home.
    Great credit and hard work made our dream come true and we have Alan Marshall & Associates to thank.

    Mary G.
    5/10/2021 – Google

    I called in not knowing quite sure what the response would be. It’s been a hard few years, and it was half embarrassment that kept me from calling. Olivia was magnificent. She calmed my fears immediately. Very calm and professional attitude. Best of all she explained things in a way that I truly understood what she was telling me.


    My experience was amazing with Linda and Patrick in Charlottetown, PE. They both treated me so well and made me always feel at home while I was dealing with a very stressful situation. They go above and beyond and have your back from the very first appointment. I will be forever grateful and know I can always reach out to them I’d I have any more questions!

  • Amanda P.
    5/05/2021 – Google

    I called this company after a really bad experience elsewhere. I was put through right away to Kelley who went above and beyond to ensure that I knew all my options and understood the process. I would describe her service as exceptional. I would absolutely recommend Alan Marshall & Associates and Kelley in particular. Thank you so much for your help.

    Miss M.
    5/01/2021 – Google

    I cannot recommend Allan Marshall, and in particular, Kelley from the Saint John branch, enough.

    I was concerned, nervous, embarrassed, ashamed, and loaded with questions (while there is a plethora of BK info online , there is almost nothing on consumer proposals.) Kelley answered all my many emails, promptly, courteously, professionally, and without a hint of judgement. She was extremely knowledgeable and helped me put my mind at ease. I was overwhelmed with all the steps to do, all the loose ends to trim before filing, and Kelley was with me every step of the way, being my support person and cheerleader, and reminding me it would all be worth it.

    I am now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and if it wasn’t for Kelley, I would surely be more stressed, more confused, possibly even immobilized by fear and uncertainty.

    For anyone on the fence, I highly recommend calling Allan Marshall for a free consultation. You will be so glad you did!

    Chris T.
    4/22/2021 – Google

    I reached out to Allan Marshall for council.

    After speaking to the Trustee – Francyne Myers in the Halifax branch, I felt confident that I was given sound and viable advise. Francyne was swift in research and extremely forward in information relevant to my situation. Francyne was professional, direct and empathetic to my case and I will reach out to her without hesitation if I require any guidance in the future.

    Very recommended.

    Katrina G.

    My name is Katrina and I was as dealing with the Saint John location with Olivia Hooper. She was so incredibly easy to talk to, very clear and informative and made everything feel so stress free. I highly recommend them.

  • Heather M.
    4/16/2021 – Google

    From the very beginning they gave me sound advice, they never made me feel bad about my financial situation and they helped get me on track and doing something about my financial goals to help me in the long run.


    Thank you for taking the time to help me with my financial problems and helping me with meeting my financial goals,I look forward to making progress.

    Joanne H.
    4/14/2021 – Google

    Kelley was extremely informative and professional while making me feel at ease at the same time. She took lots of time to explain every option in a clear and easy to comprehend way. She immediately made me feel comfortable with not a hint of judgement!

    4/14/2021 – Google

    this was very helpful and i would recommend this to anyone. It’s so easy to understand and the person i was talking to was a delight to talk to and she was very kind

  • Masters D.
    4/12/2021 – Google

    Allan Marshall & Associates were great to deal with. Very professional and informative on the available options.
    I would recommend them to anyone that feels like they have nowhere else to turn on their financial hardships.

    Marc L.
    4/10/2021 – Google

    Had amazing service with ashley , made sure i understood every detail and was very patient, would recommend calling 100% to anyone who would be scared to take the first step

    Ryan M.
    4/08/2021 – Google

    Olivia was a pleasure to speak with. Very informative and professional. Definitely would recommend speaking with her. Super comfortable. Thanks again for all the help.

    Ronan C.
    4/05/2021 – Google

    i spoke with Kelly Hebb and she was so professional and detailed and answered all of my questions fully and with patience.

  • Richard C.
    4/04/2021 – Google

    I was stressed, freaking out, so tired of the collection notices and harassing phone calls at all hours of the day and I had no idea how to get out of the mess I was in financially. One day I saw an advertisement on tv for Allan Marshall and Associates so I went online to book an appointment. The next day someone contacted me and set up an appointment. Francyne Myers from the Halifax office called and I instantly felt relief and at ease. She explained the process and within a couple of days I had my paperwork all signed electronically and had our first Zoom meeting. Because of the Covid19 lockdown the office had been closed so everything was over the phone and in Zoom video chat. It is amazing what technology can do.
    Francyne and all the other wonderful people I was in touch with for various things like the two seasons you have during bankruptcy with an advisor made everything so simple. These people are very kind, caring, professional and empathetic, always there to answer any question no matter how silly you may think it is .. or if like me you have to ask the same question a few months later because you forgot haha .. they are there for you.
    In a couple of days I will be out of bankruptcy and the file closed and all that mess I had created will be over and now I have a fresh start and I am going on now with great ideas, plans on how to continue saving money, keeping to my budget and so on and I could not have done this without the help of Francyne and the rest of the team at Allan Marshall. Thank-you so very much everyone.
    If you… like I was .. need help with life and finances and have no idea where to go or what to do plesse consider reaching out to Allan Marshall and Associates. I highly reccomend them. You will not regret it.

    Carole N.
    4/02/2021 – Google

    Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Mary Ann. She made me feel very comfortable with a difficult life decision. She was very knowledgeable, patient and understanding. Thank you


    I called around a few places for financial advice and to explore my options, and Olivia very pleasant, helpful and very knowledgeable, she made the process less embarrassing and I would definitely recommend their services.


    My experience was great when I had my appointment with Mark in the Saint John location. I was very nervous waiting for my appointment but there was no need to be. He explained everything perfectly and I felt very comfortable. Now I am very happy with the decision I made. Thank you so much for all your help.

  • T.G.

    Thank you to Kelley H. for getting back to me so quickly about my inquiry, and help providing me with options for my financial situation. Thoroughly explaining everything, answering any questions I had about starting the process and what to expect. She was a terrific help, and a very pleasant person to talk to.


    Francyne, Thank you for reaching out to me.
    You were by far the most attentive and compassionate Trustee I met with – and I met with four.
    You were also the only person to give us hope that we could pay back our debt without catastrophic long-term consequences. I am no longer a candidate for your services, but I appreciate your time and would happily provide a testimonial.

    3/16/2021 – Google

    Maryanne sailed me thru this very trying time. I was so nervous about the credit counselling but she made it awesome and gave me lifelong advice. Thank you.

    J T.
    3/16/2021 – Google

    Olivia was wonderful discussing our situation, she gave us some very help full info. She made the process feel less of an embarrassment that we needed to ask for help. With Covid life has been difficult to say the least.
    I would very much like to let people know how she showed her caring and attention to our needs, and reassured us she is there for any questions or concerns we may have.

  • AM
    3/16/2021 – Google

    Kelly has been amazing to deal with so far! She is easy to speak to, I don’t feel judgement from her and she takes the time to answer all of your questions. I tend to be an overthinker and with that comes a lot of questions. She handled it with grace. Thank you.

    3/12/2021 – Google

    What an amazing group of people to talk to. So knowledgeable and 1 phone call is all it took to relieve the stress and get options to make a brighter future. The hardest part is making that phone call. I’m glad I did. Thank you Christa for your advice, you certainly are an asset to the company.

    3/10/2021 – Google

    The 45 + minutes I spent with Mary Ann Marriot today was a five star experience. I feel like I have a much better understanding of my options. She was smart, empathetic, with excellent suggestions and information at her finger tips. I did not feel pressured to make a decision, I felt calm and relaxed almost immediately. I wish I had done this years ago instead of struggling to find solutions on my own. Thank you so much Mary Ann for the best 45 minute consultation re my finances I’ve ever had.

    Matthew L.
    2/27/2021 – Manual

    Hi i was dealing with mary ann marriott out of the bridgewater nova scotia office and she was very helpful in assisting me with my bankruptcy and any questions i had she was able to answer them professionally and very quick. She was very good to work with and was always there to help me when in need as she made me feel as if i was talking to a friend it did not feel like a finance situation and made the weight on my shoulders be lifted as i have heath issues and the hardship of going through this was very calm and very relaxed and i felt at ease with no worry and i would most definitely recommend her help to anyone who ask or whom needed help like me as she made the worry disappear and was always ready to help.

  • Haute C.
    2/26/2021 – Google

    Covid deeply affected by 14 year old consulting business. Faced with difficult decisions I called Allan Marshall & Associates Inc. They helped me make important financial decision, supported me through out this process and offered quality training as well. Rob and Corinna were both professional, understanding and very supportive. Thanks so much!

    Allison H.
    2/26/2021 – Google

    Was very clear and helpful, always willing to answer any of my questions and told me what I needed to know going into everything

    Roland G
    2/23/2021 – Manual

    I talked with Krista kelter at the saint john office she was absolutely amazing and extremely helpful with any questions I had. Was a great experience working with her and would recommend her anyday.

    2/19/2021 – Google

    Calling any company/person to discuss your financial undoing is a hard call to make. when you get the call back to start the process, one hopes to find the person on the other end has knowledge, compassion & non judgemental. well I certainly can attest that was my experience. Krista in St.John was all that!!! homerun was hit when they hired her. great knowledge & makes sure you are understanding all that is involved. she was a perfect person for me & my problem. thank you

  • Jen H.
    2/18/2021 – Google

    I spoke with Olivia today to get some answers to questions I have and she was very relaxing and reassuring to speak to and put my mind at ease, she answered all my questions with a relaxed and professional manner even though I was very reluctant to call, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for the services of this company.

    Edna P.
    2/04/2021 – Google

    I made the decision to call Allan Marshall & Associates today. I was connected with Olivia and found her to be a very knowledgeable, compassionate person. She explained all my options and made me feel more at ease. Her demeanor was very professional and caring. At the end of our conversation I felt so much better and finally was able to see light at the end of the tunnel. Olivia made what was an uncomfortable decision much easier and clearer. Thank you Olivia for all your help and advise.

    Wayne M.
    2/01/2021 – Google

    Olivia was very nice and help full. She is very professional and kind with her questions. We talked about our situation and she gave us some very help full info.
    I would very much let people know how she showed her caring and attention to our needs.
    Thank you

    Charles E.
    1/29/2021 – Google

    I found the advice I received very informative and helpful.

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