My Paycheck Never Lasts! Calendar and budgeting

My Paycheck Never Lasts

If you find yourself saying , my paycheck never lasts, you are not alone. Today we seem to be living in a new world where everyone’s pay check remains unchanged over longer periods of time while the costs of Fuel, Groceries, and Utilities are on a constant increase.  Accordingly, more and more people are feeling the pinch and are faced with a paycheck that never seems to last.  As a result people are forced to review their lifestyles and determine which lifestyle choices are the most costly and which they can do without, for example:

  • Smoking (1/2 pkg / day) $150.00 month
  • Lunch (purchased each day) $200.00 month
  • Alcohol (12 beer / week) $100.00 month
  • Coffee (2 per day)   $90.00 month

Besides eliminating specific lifestyle choices to reduce monthly expenditures, a person can also employ various shopping techniques to help stretch a dollar such as:

  • Budget and plan for all purchases
  • Avoid impulse purchases, only shop for necessities
  • Take advantage of advertised sales and use available coupons
  • Buy in bulk or large quantities for commonly purchased items
  • Purchase items second hand if possible
  • Look for alternatives that may be cheaper
  • Cook and bake from scratch
  • Carpool with friends to work when possible

This summary is not exhaustive and there may be other options available that are unique to your specific situation. However, we hope the information discussed has given you some insight into various methods of making your dollar go further.  We at Allan Marshall & Associates Inc. are always available free of charge to discuss any matters dealing with your credit and debt.  Please visit us at or don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-371-8900.