If you are struggling with debt, it’s hard to find a solution on your own.   Many people often find themselves too busy and often embarrassed to ask for help, but that’s where Allan Marshall & Associates can offer assistance.   You are not alone.  We can help you become debt free by informing you of your options and educating you on areas that you may not have been aware of.    Everyone has a different story, and we find out yours, so that we can guide you through the best options for your financial situation.

We have offices in the following Maritime provinces and can offer one on one counselling with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee by appointment, or we can also arrange for a telephone interview to get to know more about your debt situation.   Please note that offices may have different appointment hours, so please check the office nearest you for times.   Also,  to find out more about our Licensed Trustees at each office,  you may read more about them on our About Us and individual office pages.
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PE:  Charlottetown
NS :  Truro | Halifax  | Bridgewater


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