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Bankruptcy Bridgewater

Bankruptcy Bridgewater

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Bridgewater Licensed Insolvency Trustees Help with Debt

People call Bridgewater the Main Street of the South Shore. And for a good reason. We love being part of this lively community with all of its charming shops and restaurants. But Main Street isn’t much fun if your money disappears each month faster than ripe blueberries in the Hodge Podge Garden.

Financial trouble can leave you feeling defeated. It’s ironic how a few bills suddenly become a mountain of debt. You can quickly lose track of how much you actually owe. It all started when a few payments fell behind, collectors are calling, and you’re not sure what to do next.

Allan Marshall & Associates Brigewater Office

Financial Advice and Free Consultation in Bridgewater

If your debt is out of control and you can no longer make ends meet, you could benefit from professional advice. At Allan Marshall & Associates, we help people just like you who need a better plan to get out of debt. We are a licensed insolvency trustee firm serving the residents of Bridgewater and the surrounding towns.

It doesn’t matter how you got into your current financial situation; what matters now is how you handle it. Allan Marshall & Associates offer a free, no-obligation consultation. When you’re overwhelmed and stressed without a way out, we can help.

They were super kind, thorough, and professional! I would definitely recommend people to go! 

Veronica S.  

How to Get Out of Debt in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

The hardest thing about financial difficulties is getting beyond the paralysis. Your creditors want money, and you don’t have enough. And the less you pay, the more they demand. You can feel the ball of anxiety inside you growing bigger, but you simply don’t have a solution.

It’s time to take action. Pick up the phone and call Allan Marshall & Associates. Your call will be answered by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee or an Estate Manager. You’ll be in good hands. They will set up your free consultation, either by phone or in-person.

Bridgewater Licensed Insolvency Trustees

Meet a Member of the Bridgewater Team: Mary-Ann Marriott, LIT

At your consultation, you may meet Mary-Ann Marriott, LIT. You’ll appreciate her infectious high energy and her strong desire to help. Those who know her call her Dr. Debt, and she says she helps people “put the ‘fine’ in finance.” Mary-Ann feels honoured to be of service. In her own words:

People come to me feeling like there is no way out, embarrassed to talk about their situation. They leave with a new sense of optimism, often commenting on how different the experience was from what they anticipated. I feel honoured that I get to help individuals find peace-of-mind in their lives.

Credit Counselling Bridgewater

How would it feel to be debt-free? To have choices back in your life? To know that you’re building a good life for your loved ones?

Call us today at 1-888-371-8900 for your free, no-obligation consultation. Your future is waiting.

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