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credit counselling

Credit Counselling, Consolidation And Debt Counselling

Credit counselling is the best way to provide education on proper money management.   This includes budgeting, proper use of credit and debit , and also repayment of debt.   We can help you develop a monthly budget and assist you with following your budget to reduce your debt. [Read More]

Consumer Proposal in Canada & Consumer Proposal Calculator

A Consumer Proposal is a formal offer to creditors to settle outstanding debts.  If you are having difficulties making your monthly payments, falling behind or getting over-whelmed by your debts; you are not alone. Just like you, thousands of individuals throughout the Maritimes have sought the protection and help of a consumer proposal. [Read More]

Declaring Personal Bankruptcy in Canada

Bankruptcy is a legal process, designed for the honest unfortunate debtor.  It is designed to assist an individual out of debt so that they may have a fresh financial start.   When you file for or declare personal bankruptcy, you are voluntarily entering into a legal process that provides you with immediate protection against any further action by your creditors. [Read More]