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Matthew Fader

Matthew Fader

Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Nova Scotia: Halifax & Dartmouth Office

I joined Allan Marshall and Associates in 2017 as an Estate Manager and have worked in the insolvency field since 2005.

I feel with my counselling experience and positive outlook, I help to reassure our clients that we are there to help with any debt questions or financial insecurities they may have.

Our main company goal is to ensure the best possible experience for those needing our services and treat every client with dignity and respect throughout the process.


Matt began his insolvency career in 2005 with a small boutique firm after graduating from a post-secondary computer school that was put into receivership mid-way through his studies. He spent many years working as an estate manager administering all aspects of personal/consumer files for firms ranging in size from under 10 employees to over 100.

In August 2016, Matt joined Allan Marshall & Associates Inc. as an estate manager, receiving his CIRP designation in 2018 and his LIT License in 2019.

Personal Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals occupy the entirety of his practice and Matt can often be heard making debtors laugh and putting them at ease.

Matt has a passion for assisting candidates to the insolvency profession obtain their licenses and also volunteering with CAIRP in all things that involve education. His spare time is also spent in various levels of service, and he currently sits on several committees for causes that hold his interest.