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The Heavens are Crying

Francyne Myers, Licensed Insolvency Trustee in our Halifax and Truro offices recently wrote the following about the recent tragedy. We would like to share her thoughts with you.

The Heavens are Crying

That was my first thought this morning as I awoke to the sound of the rain tapping against my window.  The events of the past weekend are still so surreal.  How could someone with the name of an angel have the heart of a demon?

And then there is the reality of the pandemic.  I got up, dressed, and donned my latex gloves and mask to do the week’s grocery as early as possible.  With an autoimmune compromised family member, these are perilous times.

As I asked the cashier at the grocery store who waited on me how she was doing, I was grateful for the sense of caring and unity in my community … in the world.  “I’m o.k.,” she replied, “everyone is so somber.”  I quietly agreed.

But out of ashes comes beauty.  The random acts of kindness exhibited by normal everyday folks like you.  The bringing together of the world, the realization that we are truly in this together.  The deeper conversations that I am having with clients, friends and colleagues on what really matters.

We will get through this.  No, things will most likely not go back to “normal” for a long time, if ever.  But I have faith in humanity to come out better and stronger in the end.