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Bankruptcy Forms & Financial Forms

The following forms are provided by Allan Marshall & Associates Inc for your convenience.

Should you have any difficulty accessing the forms listed below, please contact one of our offices at 1-888-371-8900 for assistance.

Forms for individuals already in Bankruptcy

A Debtor form for reporting monthly income and expenses while in Bankruptcy

Forms for Creditors

These forms are used to prove debt owing by the debtor, and to use claim for voting purposes in a bankruptcy or proposal.

Forms dealing with the Credit Bureau

Debtor forms POST Bankruptcy/Proposal – To ensure credit report has been properly updated by creditors, and forms to dispute credit report entries and information.

Resources for the Debtor

Electronic forms pertaining to the forms in the 1st counselling booklet given to debtors for budgeting. Refer to corresponding forms in the counselling book.

Tips for Budgeting and Use of Credit – The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada


Topics on Money Management: Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy


Your Money Students – free program for high school students (Canadian Bankers Association)


Filing Bankruptcy Forms

If you need help in completing any of these financial or bankruptcy forms, please contact Allan Marshall & Associates. We Can Help.