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Allan Marshall & Associates Inc. is committed to helping individuals experiencing financial problems throughout the Maritimes.

Free confidential consultations are the most effective way to understand a person’s unique financial problems and to discuss all possible solutions.

Solutions to financial problems are often complex however the free consultation is offered in a complete and easy to understand format.

Free consultations can be scheduled in person or by telephone by calling our offices in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island or Nova Scotia.

As a part of our free confidential consultation we request individuals complete our consumer information form, which allows us to quickly and accurately assess an individual’s options, discuss their alternatives and answer their questions. The consumer information form can be completed online or by printing a copy.

By completing this form an individual is simply gathering the necessary information needed to assess their situation. The more accurate the information provided the more relevant and accurate the options we can provide in return.

Individuals seeking a free consultation should understand the appointment is confidential and at No Cost or Obligation and by completing the consumer information form it simply allows us to spend more time, at the consultation discussing options and answer questions.

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