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Helpful Links for the debtor :

The Financial Consumer Agency Of Canada : The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) ensures federally regulated financial entities comply with consumer protection measures, promotes financial education and raises consumers’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities. There is useful information contained on this site, and we often direct our clients here for further guidance.


Insolvency Counselling : This link provides you with a self-learning module designed for people who have filed for insolvency, but it can also help anyone who wishes to go through any insolvency program.

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Other Support & Wellness Resources

Click the following sections below for a list of contact numbers and/or websites for support groups and resources in our service areas.   Allan Marshall & Associates in no way endorse these groups or guarantee that contact information will remain as listed.  Whenever possible, we will attempt to update it and provide updated information on our website, however, if you know of out-of-date information from these lists, we would appreciate hearing from you.
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Practical Money Skills Canada
** Disclaimer: this site has excellent resources, but it is created and provided by the company “Visa” so has some biases toward credit.

EAP (Employee Assistance Program) – Ask about free referrals for financial counselling options

Dave Ramsey, author of “The Total Money Makeover”

Alcohol & Drug Supports

Halifax area:
Central Intake 902-424-8866 or 1-866-340-6700

Other NS:
 – Addiction Services – 197 Dufferin St, Bridgewater 902-543-7882
 – NS Health Authority walk-in clinic for clients or family members at 14 High St, Lunenburg,
or call 902-634-8801 x1713228

New Brunswick : 
 – Fredericton: Horizon Health, 65 Brunswick St. 506-453-2132
 – Saint John: Ridgewood Addictions Services, 416 Bay St, 506-674-4300
 – Moncton: Horizon Health, 81 Albert St. 506-856-2444

Other NB:
List of Addiction Centers:

PEI area :
Health PEI: 1-888-299-8399

Gambling Supports

Halifax area:
Central Intake 902-424-8866 or 1-866-340-6700
Other NS: Addiction Services – 197 Dufferin Street, Bridgewater, NS  902-543-7882

New Brunswick 
Saint John: Ridgewood Addictions Services, 416 Bay St, 506-674-4300
Fredericton: Horizon Health, 65 Brunswick St. 506-453-2132
Moncton: Horizon Health, 81 Albert St. 506-856-2444
Other NB:  List of Addiction Centers:

Help Line for Compulsive Gamblers: 1-800-461-1234

PEI area :
Health PEI: 1-855-255-4255

Personal and Family

General: ask your employer about “Employment Assistance Programs” covered by your benefits.

To report suspected abuse of children, youth or adults, call  1-888-99 ABUSE

Canadian Centre for Child Protection:
Wellin5: Canada-wide online booking for video-conference counselling

Halifax area:
List of counsellors:

Other NS:
List of counsellors:

New Brunswick :
Saint John: Gentle Path Counselling, 28 Richmond St, 506-652-7284
Fredericton: Family Enrichment Centre, 356 Queen St, 506-458-8211
Moncton:  List of counsellors:

Other NB:
List of local counsellors:

Family Services PEI   902-892-2441

Halifax area:
Service Canada (offices near Halifax)

Other NS:
Employment NS:
Employment Solutions Society, Bridgewater NS  902-543-2479

New Brunswick area:
Saint John: EI re-training, Job Bank (Social Development), 1 Agar Place, 1-866-441-4340
Fredericton: EI re-training, Job Bank (Social Development), 300 St. Mary’s St, 506-453-2377
Moncton: EI re-training, Job Bank (Social Development), 200 Champlain St, 506-869-6944

Other NB: Service Canada offices in NB
The Work Room Career Resource Centre:

PEI area:
Service Canada offices in PEI
The Employment Journey on PEI:

Halifax area:
FEED NS – 213 Bedford Hwy, 902-457-1900
Salvation Army Food Bank – 2013 Gottingen St, 902-422-1598
Other NS:

 Dial 211 for Community Resources full list

New Brunswick  area:
Saint John
Community Food Basket, 245 Union St, 506-652-2707
Saint John North Food Association, 506-634-7403
Romero House (Soup Kitchen), 647 Brunswick Dr, 506-647-7447

Greener Village Community Food Ctr – 686 Riverside Dr,  506-459-7461
Oromocto Food Bank – 1010 D’Amours St, Oromocto, 506-357-3461

Peter McKee Community Food Ctr – 66 Capitol Ave, 506-383-4281
Albert Co. Food Bank – 30 Honor House Crt, Riverview 506-386-7824
Other NB:
list of NB member food banks:
Miramichi – Miramichi Community Food Bank  506-622-1838
Woodstock – Volunteer Family Services  506-328-4938

PEI area:
PEI Association of Food Banks “The Upper Room”  902-892-7092
Southern Kings and Queens Food Bank 902-838-3191
Salvation Army Food Bank (Summerside) 902-888-3870

List of PEI food banks/kitchens:

Halifax area:
(Family) 902-420-3450 or (Adult Criminal) 902-420-6583  or (Youth Criminal) 902-420-6569

Other NS:  Public Legal Education
for full list:

Amherst:  55 Church St. 902-667-7544
Bridgewater:  141 High Street, Ste 202  902-543-4658 
Dartmouth: (Family) 902-420-7921 or (Criminal) 902-420-8815
Liverpool:  212 Main Street  902-354-3215
New Glasgow: 116 George St  902-755-7020
Truro:  523 Prince St, Ste 102  902-893-5920 
Yarmouth:  164 Main St, ste 204  902-742-7827 

New Brunswick  area:
Saint John
Other NB:
Public Legal Education
for full list:

Bathurst: 506-546-5010
Campbellton: 506-753-6453
Miramichi: 506-622-1061
Tracadie-Sheila: 506-395-1507
Woodstock: 506-328-8127

PEI area
Charlottetown: (Family) 902-368-6656 or (Criminal) 902-368-6043
Summerside: (Family) 902-888-8066 or (Criminal) 902-888-8219
Public Legal Education:

Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868 (24 Hr line)

Halifax area:
Mental Health Association of NS: 902-464-6000
NS Health Authority 1-888-429-8167 (24 Hr line)

Full list of intake phone #s:

Other NS Help:
Helping Tree (Capital Health):
Bridgewater:  Bridgewater NSHA Mental Health Clinic   1-855-922-1122, press 1  **No doctor’s referral necessary

New Brunswick area: 
NB offices:
Division Office: 506-444-4442
NB Helping Tree (Link Program) 1-800-667-5005

PEI area: 
Island Helpline 1-800-218-2885 (24 Hr line)

List of free Walk-In Clinics:

PEI Helping Tree:

General:  Seniors Canada Online 
“When you Retire” pamphlet from Canada Revenue Agency   1-800-959-8281 or

Nova Scotia :   
NS Dept of Seniors    Look for the “Positive Aging” Directory, 1-844-277-0770
NS Pharmacare Program call 1-800-544-6191

New Brunswick:   
Seniors’ Info Line 
NB Drug Plan for Seniors    1-800-332-3692
Meals on Wheels

Saint John: Seniors’ Resource Centre 39 King St. 506-633-8781
Fredericton: Stepping Stone Senior Centre 15 Saunders St 506-450-7849
Moncton: Seniors’ Information Centre 70 King St. 506-855-1121

PEI area:
Independent group offering resources

General:   Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868 (24 Hr line) Canada-wide

Halifax area:
YMCA/Supportive Housing for Young Mothers
Other NS:
Second Story Women’s Centre, 18 Dufferin St, Lunenburg NS  902-640-3044

New Brunswick area:
Saint John:
First Steps Housing (for young (ages 16-29) pregnant and parenting women and children) , 120 Coburg Street, 506-693-2229
Daycare Assistance (Social Development)  1-866-441-4340
YWCA Saint John: 66 Waterloo St, Suite 100 506-642-2113
YWCA Moncton: 135 Kendra St 506-855-4349

PEI area:
Families First (Montague)
PEI Social Development and Housing:

**  PLEASE NOTE: in an EMERGENCY, dial 911  **

Halifax area:
Bryony House; Distress line 902-422-7650
Other NS:  Transition House Association of NS

New Brunswick:
Saint John:  Hestia House (Women’s/Children Shelter) 506-634-7570
Outflow Men’s Shelter 506-658-1344
Fredericton: Women in Transition House; 24Hr Crisis line 506-459-2300
Moncton: Crossroads for Women; Crisis line 506-853-0811
Other NB:  Sussex Vale Transition House 506-432-6999

Directory for Victims of Violence in NB:

Anderson House; Crisis Line 902-892-0960 or 1-800-240-9894
PEI Family Violence Prevention Services:

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